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Loggerhead Sea Turtle Necropsy performed by Doug Hoffman, Wildlife Biologist of Cumberland Island

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Necropsy performed by Doug Hoffman, Wildlife Biologist of Cumberland Island

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Necropsy performed by Doug Hoffman, Wildlife Biologist at Cumberland Island National Seashore, on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 Alternative Spring Break for University of...

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Find Your Path: Wildlife Biologist

Jenniffer Bakke shows what it's like to work as a wildlife biologist with a forest management company in Independence, Ore. She spends a lot of time in the woods and keeps track of wildlife...

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What is Wildlife Biology?

What is the discipline of Wildlife Biology and how is it represented? Hopefully I can answer these questions and shed some light on this wonderful branch of environmental science! A huge to...

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FWS Careers - Wildlife Biologist

See what it's like to be a wildlife biologist at the National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center in Colorado. For more information, visit: http://www.fws.gov/humancapital/ http://blackfooted...

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How Wildlife Biologist Dream Job Becomes Reality - Alayne Cotterill

In Chapter 2 of 13 in her 2010 interview with Capture Your Flag Host Erik Michielsen, wildlife biologist Alayne Cotterill compares career expectations and realities working as a wildlife biologist...

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What is a Wildlife Biologist? Becoming a Wildlife Biologist.

An original whiteboard video by http://www.game-warden.org Wildlife biologists often conduct experiments in medical labs. Many wildlife biologists working in research departments have focused...

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15 Awesome Jobs for Animal Lovers

Love for creatures can be a rich and incredible profession; These are 15 AWESOME Jobs for Animal Lovers ! Subscribe to Epic Wildlife http://goo.gl/6rzs5u Let's Connect -- http://www.epicadamwildl...

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10 Great Jobs For Animal Lovers

10 Great Jobs For Animal Lovers Veterinarian Median Salary: $68996 Becoming a Veterinarian can be a very fulfilling career. Whether you are looking to start your own animal hospital, your...

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Wildlife Biologist Career at Work (A Day in the Life) US Fish and Wildlife Service FWS Demonstration

Thank you for watching the video! What do you think it would be like to be a wildlife biologist? Leave a comment in the comment section below! A wildlife biologist works to study species'...

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Working as a Wildlife or Fisheries Biologist

Career Profile created by Western Colorado State University Student Corbin Bennetts.

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Wildlife biologist Fran Cafferata Coe on forest management

Wildlife biologist Fran Cafferata Coe explains the best parts about being a wildlife biologist in the Pacific Northwest, and how all landowners - big and small - need to account for wildlife...

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Wildlife Biology is Life


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Project Me: The Wildlife Biologist

WVU student Hannah Clipp first found her lifelong passion at age 6 at the National Zoo, although she got lost from her parents while stopping to admire ducks swimming in a fountain. That passion...

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Follow Your Passion - Career in Environmental Biology McGill University #ChetChat

VideoChat with Munib Khaniyari or Mc Gill University who talks of his passion for wildlife, his experience at McGill University with the environmental biology program with a specialisation...

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Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist Career Video

Career Video Produced by the New Jersey Department of Labor under contract from the U.S. Employment and Training Adminisitration. Dec 2005.

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Meet Wildlife Biologist Brian Dickerson

Brian Dickerson talks about his work on a project with the black-backed woodpecker on the Black Hills National Forest.

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Day in the Life of a Biologist

Spend 2 and half minutes learning about what it is like to be a biologist and how you can become one too.

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Fish & Wildlife Biology: A Call to Action

Gavin Shwahla, a Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences major at Paul Smith's College, dedicated months outside of the classroom to direct and edit this video highlighting the importance of wildlife...

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Wildlife Biology at UM: A Program of National Distinction

The Wildlife Biology Program at the University of Montana has been recognized as a Program of National Distinction at UM. To find out what that means for the Program and incoming students,...

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Wildlife Biologist Gavin Emmons talking about his work at Pinnacles National Park


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Becoming a Wildlife Biologist

My STEM Career Project about becoming a Wildlife Biologist. Ellie Wilson Recorded with https://screencast-o-matic.com.

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West Texas Wildlife Biologist - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

A wildlife biologist works the Elephant Mountain Wildlife Management Area in west Texas and helps with the repopulation of native Desert Bighorn Sheep at Black Gap WMA. http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/...

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Wildlife Biologist in the US Forest Service, Shasta-Trinity National Forest

This video highlights the occupation of Jessica Marquis, a Wildlife Biologist on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in CA. This video discusses the highlights of the job and recommendations...

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Career Profile - Senior Wildlife Biologists (Consulting Firm) - NRM Graduate - Shane Kiefer

Shane Kiefer, NRM graduate and Senior Wildlife Biologist at a consulting firm, describes his work with private land owners and his experience in the Department of Natural Resources Management.

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The University of Montana Wildlife Biology Program: 75 years

University of Montana Wildlife Biology Professors Dr. Dan Pletscher, Dr. Kerry Foresman, and Dr. Dick Hutto disccuss the history of the Wildlife Biology Program. The legacies of influential...

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Career Profile - Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Biologist career profile as seen on www.goforestry.ca.

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Principles of Wildlife Ecology and Management

University of Maryland Extension's Woodland Wildlife webinar series - February 7, 2013 \

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A wildlife biologist designed a ramp to stop animals drowning in swimming pools

This device is designed to stop animals drowning in swimming pools. The FrogLog hangs from the poolside into the water, providing a small platform for animals to easily escape from swimming...

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Difference Between Wildlife Biology and Zoology

Differences between a wildlife biologist & a zoologist . Chron . , . . . . To become a zoologist, you generally need a doctoral degree in zoology. While a major in zoology as an...

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UM Wildlife Biology Program: Dr. Mark Hebblewhite

University of Montana Wildlife Biology Professor Mark Hebblewhite discusses his research and the UM Wildlife Biology Program. To learn more about Dr. Hebblewhite and UM Wildlife Biology,...

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Interview with Beth Flint, Wildlife Biologist, USFWS

The Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge is located within the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (PMNM), in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands (NWHI). Over three million birds, encompassing...

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Secrets beneath the river - Tips from a Wildlife Biologist

Beneath Texas rivers lies a unique ecosystem filled with life, including species found nowhere else but Texas. This hyporheic zone is a transition between the stream habitat and a deeper,...

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Wildlife Biologists Monitor Changes

Olympic National Forest's Wildlife Biologist Betsy Howell explains her role in observing ecosystem changes on the forest. Regional wildlife biologist Josh Chapman connects Betsy's work, at...

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UM Wildlife Biology Program: Dr. Erick Greene

University of Montana Wildlife Biology Professor Dr. Erick Greene discusses his research and the Program. This film was premiered at the Wildlife Biology Program 75th Anniversary celebration...

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USGS wildlife biologist Karyn Rode

USGS wildlife biologist Karyn Rode talks about her work with wild polar bears. On-site footage is courtesy of Science Friday.

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19-1023.00 - Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists

Study the origins, behavior, diseases, genetics, and life processes of animals and wildlife. May specialize in wildlife research and management. May collect and analyze biological data to determine...

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What Is The Average Salary For A Wildlife Biologist?

02 per hour) for wildlife biologists in its 2014 while demand for wildlife biologists and wildlife managers is much lower than average, salaries are much higher than the national averagebureau...

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